A place in the sun

Cross the avenue and walk just 100 meters to reach the beach. Jesolo’s beach is renown for the care and the many free services and facilities: bocce, showers, wash closets, entertainment for kids and play areas, beach volleyball fields and more.

At our guests’ disposition there is our exclusive beach service that includes parasol, sun bed and sun chair. If you’re looking for a romantic walk in the sunset or under the moonlight, the “Stars Boardwalk” lines the seaboard and offers a spectacular landscape.

Free beach

Just few steps from the bath you can find the free beach by the lighthouse, with its typical rocks at port’s entrance, where the Sile River meets the Adriatic Sea.


Water scooters and windsurf are unavoidable for an active holiday.


Along the seaside you can find several playing area for kids and passionate entertainer teams that will engage your children in funny activities.


The lovers of this very typical beach-play can find several dedicated areas all along the beach of Jesolo.


In Jesolo there is a beach zone, part of the large “Nemo Beach”, totally dedicated to man’s best friends. Since 2015 this part of bath is specialized in caring dogs and their owner allowing them to spend a day together on the beach, while on the rest of the seaside of the city is not allowed.

This special beach is located in front of the hospital and it disposes of a reserved smooth sea with lifeguard service.

Facilities provided in the daily ticket

  • parasol and sun chairs
  • leash 180 cm
    dog’s bowls
  • dog’s showers
  • agility path with play area and shady rest zone
  • reserved smooth sea for dog’s bath
  • reserved water edge for running